For simplicity, we offer flat-rate shipping for all items within different world zones. To the UK is £3.95, most of Europe is £19.95, United States is £29.95, Canada, Turkey, Ukraine is £35.95, Malta and Cyprus is £39.95, Russia, Maldives, Morocco is £59.95, Australia is 45.95, and to East Asia and the Rest of the World is £45.95. All prices are GBP.

If you are unsure what shipping rate your order will cost to your country, please contact Customer Care.

Tax and Duties

Quoted International shipping fees do not include custom and or duty fees. As these fees vary from country to country, we have no control over these charges. The customer is responsible for all customs and duty fees upon delivery. You should contact your local customs office if you have any questions regarding this.

Please Note: If you decide not to pay import taxes and duties and so choose to reject the parcel, the return shipping cost will be deducted from your refund.

Imported shipments into Russia are free from customs duty charges if a single shipment weight is below 31kg and/or the value of the goods imported within a one calendar month period is below €200. Customs duty will be charged at €4/ kilo for every additional kilo over the 21kg threshold. If the total value of the goods imported exceeds €200 for one consignee during a one month period, customs duty will be 15% for the amount over €200. The consignee must pay customs charges directly to customs (through special tool or bank transfer).

Shipments are processed by DHL, DUCIE's partner carrier. You will receive regular updates on your order and delivery status by email.